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Empowering the Motivated™

Empowering the Motivated™ to achieve extraordinary success by building their business on bedrock.

No-Nonsense Coach

A no-nonsense business coach committed to those who are motivated to succeed and willing to put in the time and effort to build a business on bedrock!

Unique Approach

A unique approach using tested and proven steps and strategy to develop a strong, stable foundation consisting of the critical 6 Pillars of Business Success.


Strategy that helps you chart the course towards extraordianry success


Guidance and encouragement that empowers you to tackle challenges and overcome barriers


Accountability that delivers the push you need to make forward progress


Tested and proven methods that produce results you can count on

The Coach

Roger is a no-nonsense business coach dedicated to empowering those motivated to achieve extraordinary success by building their business on bedrock. Roger’s coaching approach, based on his own unique 6 Pillars of Business Success model, helps his clients build businesses on a solid foundation, independent of a fluctuating economy. He offers both one-on-one and group coaching providing strategy, guidance, accountability and results!

The Approach

Roger’s approach to the art of business coaching can be summed up in a 4-step process. After carefully listening to his clients and helping them identify the barriers in the path of success, Roger works with them to 1) help them develop a strategy to chart the course towards succes, 2) provides them with guidance and advice, 3) delivers the push to make forward progress with on-going accountability, and 4) uses tested and proven methods to produce results.